Professional Program in Finance (PPF)

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Are you interested in a top-flight career in finance?

The Professional Program in Finance (PPF) is designed for exceptional undergraduate finance students within the Jindal School of Management who are interested in pursuing top-flight careers in finance. The purpose of the PPF is to prepare these top students, through mastery of technical and professional skills, to perform at the highest levels in the most dynamic and attractive jobs in the market.

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PPF Program Features

Benefits to Students

  • Exclusive access to top jobs, internships, and networking opportunities
  • Development of functional skills that translate directly to job placement and career success
  • One-on-one mentorship from the PPF Director and experienced industry professionals
  • Be a part of a highly motivated, high performing group of students

Benefits to Employers

  • Direct access to UTD’s top finance students
  • Streamlined recruitment process; all PPF students are pre-vetted for potential roles based on qualifications and overall fit
  • Opportunities to engage with students and develop a lasting presence at UTD

Application Process Timeline

  • Online applications open: August 19th
  • Online applications deadline: September 6th
  • In-Person Interviews: Will be communicated directly to selected students

PPF Admission Requirements

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Please note that satisfaction of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the PPF program, which is based on both quantitative and qualitative factors.

  • Minimum Sophomore or Junior level standing – defined as having at least 3 semesters before graduation and not your first two semesters of college.
  • Minimum of 6 graded hours at UTD or another 4-year college
  • Selected applicants will go through one in-person interview with the PPF director, which will determine final acceptance into the program.

See FAQs below.

Alex Treece

Alex Treece

Director, Professional Program in Finance | (972) 883-5022 | JSOM 14.207
If you are interested in joining the program or would like to find out how you can recruit the top finance students from the PPF, please contact Alex Treece.

PPF Frequently Asked Questions

The Professional Program in Finance (PPF) is a 2-3 year undergraduate program designed to create better outcomes for top students pursuing top finance/business careers.

The PPF is ideal for undergraduate Finance majors who are interested in aggressively pursuing the top, most competitive careers in industry. Students who are accepted are held to a higher standard and expected to worker harder than just satisfying the traditional academic requirements.

You can apply here: Online applications are due by Friday, September 7th, 2020.

  • At least a Finance major (double majors, minors in anything else are fine)
  • 3.5 cumulative GPA to apply
  • Minimum of 6 graded hours at UTD or another 4 year college. Transfer students from community colleges will need to have at least one semester at UTD before applying.
  • Sophomore or Junior level standing – defined as having at least 3 semesters before graduation and not your first two semesters of college
  • Admission is competitive and we have limited spots. Select applications will be chosen to move forward for in person interviews, which will determine final acceptance
  • Admission is based on BOTH quantitative (GPA, experience, etc.) and qualitative factors (communication skills, attitude, drive, etc.)
  • Completion of Excel and financial modeling training, including producing a working 3- statement model on a public company
  • A completed internship every calendar year (in fall, spring or summer)
  • Participation in at least one competition before graduation – ideally multiple. Securities Analysis Competition (SAC) and Case Competition put on by the Financial Leadership Association (FLA) are two good ones
  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA

Investment Banking, Investment Management / Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Corporate Finance / Development / Strategy, and Management Consulting are some of the targets. However, there are plenty of other great options out in the market (Equity research, sales & trading, valuation, etc.). Ultimately the student will determine what career path suits them best.

  • Applications will open on Monday, August 17th and be due online by Sunday, September 6 th, 2020
  • Candidates for first round interviews will be selected within 1-2 weeks of the application deadline
  • In 2020, due to COVID-19, we will be conducting video interviews in place of the usual in-person interviews. Those will be scheduled 2-3 weeks after the application deadline
  • After interviews, final acceptance will be determined within 1-2 weeks (Mid-to-late September)
  • Given the timing of the program and the length of time required to complete it, you need to be at least 3 semesters away from graduation, and not a freshman, to join the PPF
    • If you are a high performing senior (3.5+ GPA, relevant internship experience) interested in one of our target industries, please reach out
  • If you are not eligible right away I highly recommended that you join the Financial Leadership Association (FLA). The FLA is a student run organization that provide access to similar types of professional and learning opportunities

The PPF is for undergraduates only. Graduate students interested in getting similar professional and learning opportunities should get involved with the FLA.

The PPF is for finance students only. Extra majors and minors are perfectly acceptable, as long as you have a finance major as well.

The PPF does not conflict with the DMHP.
The PPF does not technically conflict with the PPA, but I highly recommend not trying to mix the two. Pursuing a top career in finance is very demanding. Pursuing a top career in accounting is also very demanding. Trying to commit to both simultaneously won’t work.

In short, no.
The PPF will give you tools, skills and resources to pursue top careers in finance, but given the competitive nature of many of these jobs, students will have to compete and win to get the best roles. There will be PPF exclusive opportunities (i.e. internships, jobs) for students in the program, which gives you a leg up.

For investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, corporate finance and top finance roles generally, I recommend spending a lot of time reviewing Mergers & Inquisitions’ articles:

For consulting, I recommend checking out content from top firms and Victor Cheng:
Boston Consulting Group:
Victor Cheng (on case interviews):
Case Interview Website:

And don’t forget the most important way: Networking. Real networking = reaching out and developing relationships with professionals directly, not attending events in big rooms with lots of people.

For more info on how to network and where to start, read this: How to Get a Job Out of College

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