Master of Science in Energy Management

Master's in Energy Management students on a site visit to a solar installation

Master’s in Energy Management at UT Dallas

Get your master’s with the latest, career-oriented curriculum and build your career in an industry with universal demand.

master's in energy management students standing in a huge piece of coal-mining equipment
Master’s in Energy Management students with a piece of industrial coal-mining equipment at a site visit

Career-Oriented Curriculum

Emphasizing but not limited to oil, gas, coal, solar, wind, hydro and power, the UT Dallas Master’s in Energy Management program is designed for you to learn all aspects of developing and managing energy assets in a business environment.

no. 8Our focus is to prepare you to hit the ground running in the energy field. Courses are both domestic and international in scope, and our energy faculty members and lecturers consist of PhDs as well as current and former executive officers and senior managers of large energy companies, power companies and government agencies.

Every year, we take students to coal- and gas-fired power plants, a solar farm, an active drilling operation, wetlands, and more. The hands-on curriculum has earned the program the No. 8 ranking in the U.S. and No. 3 ranking in Texas in Oil and Gas Investor Magazine.

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Master of Science in Energy Management students site visit
A site visit for Master’s in Energy Management students, led by an industry professional.

Pairing Academics with Business Knowledge

A Master’s in Energy Management degree from UT Dallas gives you the industry specialization you need. We pair academics with business knowledge to get things done.

Our program incorporates core MBA courses and core energy courses. The curriculum committee and industry advisory board updates and oversees such courses. We designed this program with a practical learning component provided through projects developed by industry members. These teach skills in the valuation of an energy company’s assets and projects, operating strategies, contract negotiation and energy risk management.

We use few textbooks on the energy side of the curriculum. Instead, we use:

  • An extensive library of model oil and gas contracts.
  • Typical American Association of Professional Landmen forms.
  • Foreign license and concession agreements.
  • Actual wind, coal, solar and power agreements.
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energy management students professional summit
Energy Management students mingle with industry professionals at the 2020 NAPE Summit.

Connections to Get You Ahead

Energy and power are global businesses with strategic assets in both developed and developing countries. They require an international approach.

We strive to prepare our graduates to manage the assets of private energy companies as well as governments. Our full-time faculty members have outstanding careers in the industry. In addition, our energy advisory board consists of high-level executives. All these parts come together to oversee our curriculum.

Expect industry executives to lecture in classes and offer their mentorship to you. Also, you will join the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, which connects you with the global energy industry community.

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energy management students collecting a water sample
Energy Management students collect a wetlands water sample on a site visit.

Work in an Industry With Universal Demand

There will always be a high demand for managers in the energy business. Whether people need them to help bring electricity to countries that do not have it or to develop new ways to bring energy to all.

A master’s degree in energy management from UT Dallas prepares you for jobs in the U.S. and around the world. You will be able to work for private energy companies and in governments. You will have the skills to effectively manage energy assets and resources.

Furthermore, many employers need employees with a science degree to get an advanced business degree to move into company management or higher-ranking government positions. Our program allows students to receive the necessary training with an emphasis in the energy industry.

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Student Testimonials

Celeste Fleming

Celeste Fleming, Class of 2019

EnLink Midstream, Natural Gas Scheduler

The Energy Management master’s degree program at UTD allowed me to develop a wealth of knowledge in different sectors of the energy industry. including oil and gas, renewables and nuclear energy. The program helped me advance my competency in business economics and risk analysis, and it encouraged me to gain news skills in managerial accounting, energy finance and supply chain management.
Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan, MBA’95

Energy Management Industry Advisory Board Co-Chair

JSOM’s Master’s in Energy Management degree will give you an edge in the Energy Industry and is a great way to add to your skillset, increase your network and advance your career. As a CFO of an energy company, a UTD MBA alum and someone who is familiar with the MS in Energy Management curriculum, I highly recommend this degree for anyone wanting to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd and achieve their career goals
Prateek Gupta

Prateek Gupta, Class of 2019

Senior Energy Analyst, Air Power USA

Finding the best opportunity was not easy with an industrial background, but getting my MS in Energy Management at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas has helped me to secure an exciting and challenging career with great growth potentials. The program provided me the skills necessary to be an analyst in energy management consulting. Professors and this program helped me grow professionally, academically and personally.
Salma Khatun

Salma Khatun, Class of 2019

Engineering Geologist, California Energy Management Division

The UT Dallas MS in Energy Management program helped me a lot to grow professionally. Some of the courses I took under this program filled in my knowledge gap about the business aspects of the energy industry. I got an opportunity to upgrade my soft skill set to the next level by attending the training sessions offered by JSOM’s Career Management Center. The Jindal School played a key role in setting me up for success as I started a new chapter in my career.
Gowthamsankaran Sivanandan

Gowthamsankaran Sivanandan, Class of 2018

Project Manager, Ideal Energy Inc.

The M.S Energy Management program provided key insights and resources that are needed to ensure that I am well equipped for industry. The guest lectures by the energy experts are of tremendous help to gain contacts and real-world knowledge. I was also the Director of Renewable Energy and Sustainability with the Energy Association which bolstered my passion to pursue a career in Renewable Energy and here I am, a Project Manager of a Solar EPC company that installs technological advanced Solar and Storage systems.
JB Garza

J.B. Garza, Class of 2021

Owner, Vertex Real Estate Group

I like how UT Dallas engages us with real businesses in the area. We got a chance to visit a coal mine, solar farm, and natural wetland amongst other sites. The opportunity to engage with the operators provided real information about the multitude of challenges in energy during modern times.
Sharon McGrath

Sharon McGrath, Class of 2021

Senior Plan Settlement and Revenue Accountant, Lucid Energy

I’ve been in the energy industry for the last decade, and I love it. However, I knew I needed to gain both broader and more in-depth knowledge of the sector if I wanted to advance my career. I compared UT Dallas’s Energy Management program to OU’s EMBA Energy program and found UT Dallas’s curriculum to be far more rigorous from many standpoints: business and economics, global, environmental and ethical.
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